HSD Vacuum Furnace 

The HSD Vacuum Furnace was designed to provide reliable and automatic operation for brazing, degassing, and research applications.

All vacuum pumps and system components are fully enclosed within the welded steel frame. The controls provide true "hands-off" operation including pump-down, heat ramp, dwell time, gas inlet, and cooldown. Temperature cycles are easily programmable with multiple Ramp/Dwell segments. The system controller provides convenient start-up and shut-down cycles as well as control of water flow and process interlocks. 

The top loading furnace layout allows load placement through a convenient hinged lid. The hot zone is equipped with HT grade molybdenum elements and radiation shields for long-term reliability. The double-walled stainless steel chamber provides hot zone cooling without internal water connections. Top mounted electrical connections eliminate debris induced electrical failures.

A conservatively rated SCR power controller with current limiter, power feedback control, and a rugged stepdown transformer provide furnace power control. Internal sheathed thermocouples provide feedback to the digital temperature programmer with "fail-safe" overtemperature alarm. A panel mounted chart recorder is included. 


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